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Early Spring-

Vast varieties of bareroot trees starting in April; including evergreen, fruit, maple, and other leaf trees. Sizes vary from 1/4" to 1.5" diameter and 5'-12' for leaf, generally 18"-24" tall for evergreen.  Don't miss out on these few short weeks of fantastic deals. Call for availability and pricing.

Balled and Burlap Trees-

Numerous trees for you to pick up and plant yourself.  B&B's range in size up to 2.5" in diameter and 15' tall.  Balled and burlap trees will be dug upon order.  Most varieties available for Summer digging, 48 hour notice needed to treat trees prior to Summer digging.  Landscapers: For large quantity orders, please place order by April 1st. 

Maple • Oak • Spruce • Ornamental • Flowering Crab

Custom Moving-

We move trees. Yours or ours. We offer same site moving or can move from other locations onto your property. Prices vary depending on location, size (diameter) of trees, and spade needed. Call for a quote. 

Tree Spades-

We have 7 tree spades to accommodate small to large planting needs. We are "Home of the Big One," the largest tree spade in Wisconsin, that can plant up to a 12" diameter tree.

*Diameter can be found by measuring the base of the trunk and dividing your total by 3*